Best Half Wigs For Natural Hair

Gone are the days where wigs were just worn by clowns. Half-wig and wigs look amazing and are best as a fast styling options, defensive hairstyles and also for religious objectives. Worn by women around the globe every day, half wigs provide a simple cost-friendly hair styling option.

Also favored to as a hair portion, half wigs can be worn for short-term or long objectives.

Like the title implies, when using a best half wig for natural hair, half of the hair is naked while wearing a half wig, it is very vital that the half-wig blends with natural shade of the wearer hair.

It is vital to select the best half wig from a beauty supply shop, either online or local. Purchasing half wigs online has become very famous over the years as customers love to read different reviews by people who have purchased it all over the globe.

It is remarkable for semi wigs to have combs in the back and front of the wig. Do not puzzle a semi wig with a complete wig, which should wrap all of your head.


You may select to blend the 2 hair feels or use a head band which would cover your hair, just exposing the half wig.

The blend the 2 hair feels, you may use a flat iron, curling iron, hair gel, hair rollers or cornrow your hair earlier to wearing the partly wig in order to get the same feel of the hair as the half wig.


Piece your hair along the face parameter, approximately an inch from the comb and hairline forward, beginning at your left ear going all the means to your right.

Braid your hair in a round pattern, or straight back. This gives traction for the partly wig combs and creates the half wig flat lie on the head.

Put the half wig and ensure that the combs strongly fit in the back and front on the head. Make sure the wig supports with your ears. You may also apply bobby pins to safe the wig according to your desire.

A few tips

  • Ensure your hair is flat and clean. Either pin braid or down into cornrows.
  • Forever wear a wig cap! This supports the wig stay on your head and saves your hair from the wigs inner friction and lining.
  • Forever safe your wig to your hair using combs that are within of the wig cap to make sure a snug fit that would not slip.
  • Some wigs are flexible, so getting sized at specialty store is advised for a best fit.